Drinking Systems

Plasson is a world leader in water system solutions. Our poultry drinking systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic conditions around the globe, with special expertise in extreme climates.
50 years of experience enables us a comprehensive view of the water handling and drinking needs required for each and every project.

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Feeding Systems

Plasson advanced feeding systems offers a complete solution for all types of poultry growing. A wide range of feeders are designed to fulfill all birds’ needs and at the same time allow simple and easy operation for the grower. Our main focus is achieving optimal results.
As part of Plasson QA policy, all feeding systems are built from top quality materials, and are built to last.

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Climate Systems

Plasson’s Climate Equipment Package:
Each of the products that we offer has been carefully chosen, inspected and tested before being added to Plasson’s offering.
Plasson’s Climate Equipment Package includes a variety of products to suit different growing regimes and various climates. Choosing the equipment is only the first stage in designing a successful package of equipment.

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Nest Systems

PlassNest is a spacious nest applied usually in two rows along the house. The Nests can be suspended and mechanically lifted. The system is designed with passages between each two adjacent nests thus allowing airflow and birds to cross the house freely. Slats are not used and nests have only jumping benches which allow more floor and mating space, better lighting, ventilation conditions, all leading to increased fertility and hatchability.

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Cages Systems

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