Plasson’s Climate Equipment Package:

Each of the products that we offer has been carefully chosen, inspected and tested before being added to Plasson’s offering.

Plasson’s Climate Equipment Package includes a variety of products to suit different growing regimes and various climates. Choosing the equipment is only the first stage in designing a successful package of equipment.

Plasson’s highly professional teams around the globe will be capable of designing and grouping Climate Equipment that will be cost effective on the long term, both in the investment and also highly efficient and productive in operation, thus reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Choosing Plasson’s Climate Equipment will lead you to reach excellent professional and economic results in terms of FCR, mortality, and yield.

For over 50 years we have been working with the poultry industry. Our well known and proven policy to continue our contact with our customers by means of after sales services will definitely make the difference for you.



Plasson’s wide range and options of fans are suitable for a wide variety of climates and promise a tailored and optimized solution for every farm

Exhaust Fans

We offer a wide range of energy efficient fans specially designed for the Livestock industry. The fans are characterized by their compact design and available with all types of motors (Single / Three Phase, 50Hz or 60Hz, Various Voltage motors).

Proven performance in the field guarantees ventilation system reliability

  • Unique blades made of high quality and durable compound of plastic and fiberglass
  • Casing available in stainless steel, galvanized and fiberglass
  • Assurance of optimum performance and low power consumption
  • Automatic tension on belt fans
  • Aerodynamic design for low air resistance
  • Fans are offered in a variety of configurations
  • Panel Fans – for installing on the inner wall
  • Box Fans- for installing through the wall
  • Fans are offered with or without cones
  • Optional slanted fans available too

Circulation Fans

  • With safety guards
  • Various suspension solutions
Exhaust fan


Wall Inlets

Ceiling Inlets

  • Provides better air quality in the shed without impacting the thermal sensation of the birds with lower energy consumption
  • Smooth surface reduces efficiency losses in air intake
  • Available in 3 dimensions: 80cm, 100cm and 120cm
  • Motor-reducer drive system ensures greater efficiency of the opening system
  • Produced from high quality ultraviolet resistant PVC
  • Optional Exterior finish with sun-break and/or light filter
  • External Anti-bird grill according to the legislation


Cooling Pad

Provide maximum comfort for your birds by using the Plasson evaporative cooling system

  • Adjustable flow control to maximize cooling and minimize water spillage
  • Frames constructed from stainless steel or aluminum or PVC
  • Plasson robust design ensures high durability and minimum maintenance

Cellulose Cooling Pad

Cooling Pad

Tunnel Door

  • Single or double window models
  • Sections length design between house columns
  • Made of galvanized sheets
  • Window closing with rubber seals
  • Operated with Rack & Pinion or with Drive with single winch, polyester strap, cables and pulleys, 600
Tunnel Door


Low or High Pressure Fogger System

Tunnel Door

Low pressure – 70PSI

  • High-strength plastic spray nozzles
  • Anti-droplet mechanism
  • Average drop size at 70PSI – 65 microns
  • Filter system to avoid clogging
  • Available in two models: 5,0l / h and 7,5l / h
  • Maximum permissible pressure: 80PSI
  • PVC pipes

Medium Pressure – 200PSI

  • Stainless steel spray nozzles
  • Anti-droplet mechanism
  • Small drop size
  • System of fixation of the nozzles via fast connection and with screw
  • Tubing with hose in high density polyethylene
  • High resistance plastic connections
  • Network installation in the “serpentine” or transversal model

High Pressure – 500PSI

  • Tiny droplet ensures greater cooling efficiency
  • Stainless steel nozzle with anti-driplet valve
  • System with hose in high density polypropylene
  • Independent drive of 2 fogger lines via manifold block
  • Brass connections
  • Piston motor pump


Plasson offers a wide range of heating systems to suit all requirements and climates:

Box Space Heaters, Cannon Space Heaters, Radiant Tubes and Brooders

Space Heaters

  • High Thermal efficiency
  • Operates on Natural or Low Pressure Gas
  • Hot surface electronic ignition.
  • Flame controlled by ionization
  • High pressure radial fan for efficient diffusion
  • IP44 protection
  • Two side doors for aasy access to internal parts for maintenance

Radiant Tubes

  • Two stage heater – dual output for improved rate differential, 40,000 to 220,000 btu/h
  • Operates on Natural or Low Pressure Gas
  • Configurations of “U” and “L”, horizontal or 45°
  • Separated controls compartment – electronics out of air stream, burner can run during servicing
  • Self diagnostic ignition module
  • Parabolic aluminum reflectors – most efficient in industry
  • Direct spark ignition
  • Vented or unvented
Radiant Tube Heater


  • Patentended Windbuster ignition pilot
  • Unique 60° angled stainless steel emitter enables a larger surface and heating are.
  • Aluminium canopy
  • Can operate with Natural or Low Pressure Gas
  • Controlled by thermostat
  • 5 kw/h capacity (1000 to 2000 baby chicks)
  • Control panel with thermostat or solenoid valve


  • IP65 LED high efficient lamps and housing on garlands
  • Available in 3m. or 4m. spacing along the line

Dimmer for Controlling Light Intensity

Capacity 14400W

  • Fully digital system
  • Two independently-controlled 1000W channels (110V-230V)
  • Automatic voltage detection and switching
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Operation modes: manual, automatic (lighting programme) and slave to house controller
  • Ensures smooth and stable light intensity even at the minimum values
  • Built-in protections: surge, short-circuit, overload, overheat, …
  • IGBT technology enables better efficiency and extends bulb life
  • Full control of light intensity in the house by 0-100% dimming option

Lighting Garlands

  • Injection molded robust waterproof, dust proof, explosion proof sockets and
    connectors for ensuring long term reliability in toughest environments
  • Available in flexible sockets spacing configurations. Standard of 3m and 4m
  • Integral solution of suspension to sealing or cables for easy installation

LED Bulbs

Bulbs and electric system made special for poultry

  • Lamps designed specifically for livestock barns
  • Break resistant polycarbonate bulbs
  • 25,000 hour – guarantee of brightness during the lamp’s lifetime
  • From 7W (600 LM) up to 14W (1520 LM)
  • Warm color – 2700 – 3000 K
  • Broad beam angle ensures better light distribution


Plasson controllers  are supplied by a world-leading supplier and manufactured according to Plasson’s requirements.

Available in various configuartions from 8 to 50 relays.

Extension units and Remote communication units available



Plasson controllers ensure higher environmental controlling of your poultry house, providing better results to your business

  • Available in a range of models that can be mounted inside the electrical panel or outside the electrical panel
  • Easy access to the settings menu
  • Large LCD graphic display
  • Up to 40 additional heavy-duty relays
  • A 30 level ventilation program decreases the risk of a sudden change as well as the electric power consumption
  • Minimum ventilation according to the bird’s weight
  • Air quality control through CO² and humidity sensor
  • Backup system integrated to the controller
  • Settings stored on a memory card
  • Temperature, humidity, alarm and blackout log
  • Curve or selected temperature settings
  • Supports up to 18 temperature sensors
  • 20 group ventilation system
  • 30 level ventilation control system
  • Supports 8 independent cooling systems
  • It comes with independent heating zones
  • Nipple drinkers automatic drainage control
  • Curtain opening control through percentage or static pressure
  • Possibility to add a password in order to change your settings
  • Scale control system for birds, silos, dimmer and electronic hydrometer
  • Detailed alarm and event log
  • Communication through USB cable in order to visualize, set up the controllers and also collect data from the controller
  • Scale controlling system, dimmer, water and feed counter, static pressure sensor and an exhaust fan speed variable already included
  • High accuracy weighting system for birds


Weighing Silo

Silo Weighing System

  • Possible to control until 2 independent silos
  • Information about feed consumption (per day)

Feed Batch Scales


Bird Scales

  • Register number of birds weighed (per day)
  • Installation in chicken, turkey and breeder houses
  • Simple to operate and control
  • Daily weighing registry
  • Daily weight gain information
  • Automatic calculation of the average weight of birds
  • Communication with PC through cable
  • Platform scale / Suspended scale
  • 100%made of stainless steel
  • Capacity of 30, 50 and 250kg
  • Data logging for 500 days
  • 2independent scales per controller
Bird Scales

Safety System

Controller Voltage Stabilization

Surge and Noise Protector


Remote Communication System

All the information of your poultry houses available in one place – faster  response to your needs

  • Greater control with less labor
  • View of the flock’s immediate situation, equipment setting and data collecting of all poultry houses from a distance
  • Remote communication through Internet
  • Controls up to 64 poultry houses per communicator
  • Compatible for AC-2000 and Platinum controller


Remote Communication and Alarms

  • Every house’s information available in one place
  • More co

Accessibility Toolbar