Poultry Equipment

Feeding Systems


Plasson advanced feeding systems offers a complete solution for all types of poultry growing. A wide range of feeders are designed to fulfill all birds’ needs and at the same time allow simple and easy operation for the grower. Our main focus is achieving optimal results.

As part of Plasson QA policy, all feeding systems are built from top quality materials, and are built to last.

Feeder Pans System

  • Automatic flooding
  • Innovative open design for better animal welfare
  • Excellent feed conversion
  • Retaining lip minimizes feed waste
  • No grill – pan for easy access to feed
  • Allows partial line usage by shut-off
  • Suitable for all growth stages – from DOC to fully grown birds
Poultry house

Chain Feeder System

  • Variety of feed hopper designs allows flexibility in circuit layouts
  • A choice of fully suspended system or floor system with plastic/metal legs
  • A range of grill types and gap sizes
  • Robust and wear resistance corners ensures system durability
Chain Feeder

Fill Lines & Cross Auger

  • Direct Filling – simple structure enables free air movement for better ventilation
  • In-House Hoppers – simple operation of distribution lines
  • A range of tube and auger diameters (75-110mm) to suit house feed consumption
  • “T” drop unique design by Plasson ensures optimal filling of hoppers
Feed line diagram

Feed Storage & Weighing

  • Made of galvanized steel or fiberglass
  • Storage capacity from 3 to 50 tons per Silo
  • Pneumatically or top filled
  • Ladder and safety cage included in all models
  • Offered in a variety of specifications (capacity, diameter, height, number of legs)
  • A 60o – 67 o cone allows easy feed drop
  • Optional manual feed drop and sight windows
  • Variety of weighing methods – Load cells, batch weighing and more. All options are backed up by Plasson controller line.
Feed Line diagram
Fill Lines diagram

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