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Plasson Nest


PlassNest is a spacious nest applied usually in two rows along the house. The Nests can be suspended and mechanically lifted. The system is designed with passages between each two adjacent nests thus allowing airflow and birds to cross the house freely. Slats are not used and nests have only jumping benches which allow more floor and mating space, better lighting, ventilation conditions, all leading to increased fertility and hatchability.

  • Unique nest without slats
  • Increase floor space by ≈ 30%
  • Unified flock without ‘North-South’ separation
  • Jump-in bench of 30cm
  • Ideal for Cage Free Layers / Heavy Breeders
  • Nests installed with gaps to enable free movement of birds and better airflow
  • Removable floor mats for better hygiene and easy cleaning
  • Allows more flexibility in feeding and drinking lines layout
  • Ideal results with Plasson’s drinking and feeding systems for Breeders


Center Belt Communal Nest

  • Collection table/ direct connection to cross conveyor with speed control and emergency stop
  • Sides and legs made of highly resistant plastic
  • Layers expulsion system is built in
  • Easy management, cleaning and sanitation
  • Plastic slats with a non-slippery surface, and excellent open area for easy cleaning

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