Livestock Division Subsidiary Conference

Livestock Division Subsidiary Conference

For the first time, the annual conference of the subsidiaries of the Livestock Division took place out of Israel from 4th to 9th December. We chose to hold the conference in Plasson Brazil, where Plasson’s largest subsidiary is located.

The slogan that was chosen to accompany the conference was “Together again”, a slogan that reflected the nature of the meeting after three years of no meetings due to the Corona virus. It was very gratifying and exciting to meet our friends and our partners in daily activities again.

The conference was attended by about 50 people, including the managers of the subsidiaries, marketing and sales managers and technical managers, who came not only from Brazil itself but also from different countries in the world: Israel, South Africa, the USA, Mexico and even a representative from China.

Two and a half days were dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge between the companies, two professional lectures were delivered by external lecturers. In addition an in-depth introduction to Plasson Brazil was held which included a tour of the factory as well as an impressive display of all the equipment produced in their factory, including a new egg sorting machine.

The conference was attended by Plasson’s CEO Gal Wexler, who presented the Plasson vision, as well as Nir Bracha, the new manager of the division, for whom it was an opportunity to get to know all the companies and people.

After the conference we went to Florianópolis, a city on the Atlantic coast for a non-formal activity of deepening the familiarity with a sea atmosphere and Brazilian samba, during  a day of boating between the islands.

All the participants of the conference defined the event as extremely successful, educational, consolidating and filling batteries for the continuation of the Division’s activities around the world.

One of the main reasons of the success of the event was the outstanding level of organization and hospitality by the team in Plasson Do Brasil.

Many thanks to all the organizers and to the participants of the conference.


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