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Nipple Systems

Plasson provides a range of Nipple Drinker Systems for Broilers which allows you to choose the Nipple and flow rate tailor to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and superior service guarantees you optimum performance for best results.

Plasson’s watering systems are customized to meet the demands of any climatic conditions.

Every Nipple is quality tried and tested.

Major benefits:

  • Heavier & healthier birds
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Reduced mortality
  • Fewer condemnations
  • Drier floors
  • Significant labor saving and overall higher returns


Bell Drinkers System

Plasson makes the world’s most reliable poultry bell drinkers -which are the ‘standard of the industry’. For more than 50 years, no competitive drinker has been able to match those of Plasson’s features and benefits:

  • Made of a rugged high-impact plastic
  • The unique ballast bottle, independent of the bell, eliminates wear on the valve mechanism
  • Water your flocks from day old chicks to adult birds
  • Ensures a constant water level and a dry floor


Water Management

To enhance your system we recommend:

  • Plasson’s Water On Demand  Allows you to easily control and precisely manage the water pressure in all drinking lines of your house according to birds changing demand during a daily 24 hour cycle and through the grow-out.
  • Automatic Flushing System   Enables programming of flushing according to grow out requirements with full control of the flushing program by the grower.

Nipples System


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General Guidelines:

Orange & Yellow Nipple – from 10 to 12 Broilers per Nipple

Grey Nipple with Tray – from 12 to 14 Broilers per Nipple


Bell Drinkers System

Approximately 8-10 Drinkers are needed per 1000 adult birds



Water Management System

Plasson Water On Demand

Plasson’s Water On Demand is an advanced water management tool allowing you to easily control and manage the water pressure in all drinking lines according to the bird’s ongoing changing demands.

With Water On Demand you can adjust the different required pressures during a 24 hour cycle and along the grow-out.

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  • Control and manage water pressure in all drinking lines from one central point
  • Save on labor costs
  • Maximize bird performance with optimal water supply
  • Boost water supply during peak hours
  • Reduce pressure during low consumption hours
  • Maintain dryer litter
  • Achieve uniform pressure in all drinking lines
  • Plan and program in advance water pressures for the entire grow-out
  • Easily installed and wired to a computerized controller



Automatic Flushing System

  • Fresh water for the bird
  • Colder water for the bird in hot climate
  • Cleaner system
  • Improved system longevity
  • Labor saving
  • Easy installation onto existing Plasson Line Head (Pressure Regulator)
  • Enables programming on flushing according to grow-out requirements
  • Grower has full control over the flushing program



Line Head Pressure Regulator / Mid Line Pressure Regulator

  • Accommodates the highest flowrate in the market
  • Offers a wide range of required outlet pressures virtually independent of inlet pressures
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy to operate
  • Half turn, built-in, high pressure flush
  • Reliable, trouble free operation
  • Operates either from line head or mid line



Line End Pressure Regulator

  • Flushing between flocks or during the growing period