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  • The feeding regime in a Breeder House must be professionally planned and well managed. Plasson provides all required feeding systems to achieve best results from your flock.Plasson Feeding System selection:
    • Feed Storage & Weighing
      • Silos
      • Hoppers
    • Fill Lines / Cross Auger
      • Pan Feeding System
      • Chain Feeding SystemFeed Distribution system
Feed Line diagram

Feed Storage & Weighing

  • Silos
    • Galvanized steel or fiberglass
    • Storage capacity from 3 to 50 tons per silo
    • Offered in a variety of specification – capacity, diameter, height, number of legs
  • Hoppers
  • Load Cells, Batch Weighing


Feed Fill Lines / Cross Auger

  • Direct filling
  • In-House Hoppers

Pan Feeding Systems

  • Pan Feeding (for Females)
    • Highly durable quality plastic
    • Adjustable window width
    • Flexible layouts
    • Easy cleaning
    • Uniform feed distribution


  • Chain Feeding (for Females)
    • Fully suspended system
    • Heavy duty wear resistant corners



  • Pan Feeding (for Males)
    • Innovative grill-less design
    • Easy feed level adjustment
    • Shut-off allows partial line usage